I visited the Centro de Arte in Almería in Almería 30 January 2013. My friend and neighbour, Waldi Wrobel, had an exhibition there.

Waldi was born in Germany in 1951, but he has lived in Spain for 25 years. Qualified in Fine Arts from the University of Munich, his paintings, drawings, sculptures and his work in other genres have been exhibited in galleries across the World including his native Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United States and, of course, Spain.
Much of his work is influenced by oriental philosophy and he employs a variety of visual textures as well as volumetric art.
Waldi masterfully works the aesthetic aspects of colour which he interrelates with large monochromic spaces in order to enhance the complete picture. In many of his works the forms are distributed asymmetrically in space with a studied weight distribution that keeps them balanced, yet the works are characterized by the artist’s inventive language that uses the interplay of overlapping planes, painted light effects and shadows that create optical illusions.
Much of Waldi’s art is based on the architecture and landscape of two delightful natural areas in this part of Spain – the Alpujarras and the Cabo de Gata.

The exhibition in Almería ends on the 3 February but shortly there will be a display of some of his works in the Auditorium in Roquetas de Mar.

some of his art is shown below…

to see more of Waldi’s works click on following link…


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